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A Room For Harper Lily

When I found out that I would soon become a grandmother of a beautiful baby girl, I began to work out a plan to convert a little used bedroom into a magical place for her to stay while visiting Grandma and Grandpa. I knew that I wanted it to be pink, girly and full of roses and ruffles. I started by changing out the paint on the walls formally picked out by one of my step daughters.

I called it highlighter green, not sad to see it go. For the new color I chose a soft pink by KILZ called Peach Glamour.

Now with the room painted, it was time to create the perfect bed. I had a pair of twin beds that I held onto from when my kids were little, I decided to make a pretty little daybed. To do this, I needed only to use the headboards of both beds and the rails of one. I had my wonderfully talented husband cut two boards in the same shape of the headboards and drill holes in them to create a diamond pattern.

Using batting and the perfect shabby rose fabric purchased online, I began to cover the board by pulling it taunt and stapling it on the back.

Now with the fabric stapled on all 4 sides, I began tufting it with small pink buttons also purchased online. Pulling each string taunt by pushing the button from the front and stapling the string down on the back, I was able to create a deep tuft.

Here is how the front of the boards looked when completed.

Now with both boards covered, I needed to cover the raw board that would show when the board was attached to the back of the headboards.

By attaching a complimentary green fabric at the bottom of both boards, it would help to make the bed look more finished. Above you can see the headboards behind each upholstered board.

I then asked my husband to attach each upholstered board with screws from the front of each headboard. The screws were covered with wood putty then sanded and painted to conceal.

Here you can see how it all fits together. I also created and sewed a three row ruffle that is seen here on the box spring. It took about 5 yards of fabric to make but I think it was well worth the time and effort.

The quilt and shams were purchased from Target. I was fortunate to find some pieces on clearance but the complimentary shams and pillows were sold out. I was lucky enough to be able to find them online.

To give the bed a princess look I topped it off with a bed crown made of a metal wall flower planter turned upside down. I adorned it with IKEA pin dot curtains, some ribbons and a bow to give the look I was going for.

Here is how the bed came together when complete.

I know that this bed will probably be used by a sleepy grandma wanting to be near her sweet little grand-baby until she is big enough to sleep in it herself.

So, it was time to think about how this tiny room would work for a tiny sleeping baby. I found a small portable crib online that I knew would work just right. It will also fold up for easy storage when she is too big to use it and saved for the next new little family member to come along.

I looked online for bedding to fit this little crib and was surprised at the cost, not to mention that none I found fit the look I needed for Harper's new room. I was off to the fabric store to search for some fabric that would fit in with the rest of her room.

I found this beautiful fabric at Joann's and had to have it. The pink lining fabric I found at Walmart and knew it would work great to back this shear embroidered fabric.

I created a generous ruffle for the bottom of the crib along with some snap on crib toppers to soften the top. I then made a crib quilt and rag quilt to finish it off.

This was my first attempt at a rag quilt. I would do it again and hope to soon.

Next I decided to make over a lamp I already had. I painted the base with a couple coats of a pink chalk paint. The lamp shade was old and ivory and did not work with the room design. I pulled off all the fabric from the frame, as shown below.

To create a new shade, I made a template with paper to fit each wedge of the frame.

I then cut 8 wedges out of a floral fabric and 8 additional wedges out of white liner fabric. By sewing each wedge together I created an outer fabric and a liner fabric to fit onto the shade. I joined them with hand sewing at the top and the bottom creating a new shade as shown here.

The table that the lamp is sitting on was a $25 thrift store find. It looked like this one below when found.

I used a few coats of white chalk paint and some hand painted roses to create a look more fitting the rest of the room.

Using a gift taught to me by my mother at age nine, I fashioned a crochet doily from some green string left over from another project.

I was also able to use some leftover fabric to make a ruffled chair pad for this tiny metal chair I found at Hobby Lobby.

A pink area rug and some fluffy dot sheers help to complete the look for Harper Lily's new room

I forgot one small thing... the little fairy door made at the baseboard to allow for a fairy visit or two.

Shh Fairy's sleep here

My hope is that our little Harper Lily will have many sweet dreams here.

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That is sooooo sweet, all hand done, amazing Jen

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